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Fractal Nebula by fengda2870
Fractal Nebula
After the Fractal Big Bang. <da:thumb id="484149791">
A new nebula was born.
Grenth by fengda2870
Grenth is the god of darkness, ice, and death. Originally a half-god, Grenth was the child of Dwayna and a mortal sculptor and the first god born of Tyria, with domain over mortality and judgment and called the "Prince of Ice and Sorrow." To Orrians, Grenth was the god of death and judgment, and the patron of strict ethics. Grenth ascended to godhood with the aid of the Seven Reapers by supplanting the previous god of death, Dhuum, in Orr and sealing him behind the enchanted doors of the Hall of Judgement. Grenth then shattered Dhuum's tower inthe Underworld, creating the Chaos Planes. He took his place among the gods in the presence of his mother, in the spot where his father had fallen. As a god, he is attributed to the judgment of the dead, vengeance, and destruction alongside darkness, ice, and death.
Dwayna by fengda2870
Dwayna is the goddess of healing, air, and life. Often depicted as a young, tall, and slender woman rising over the ground on huge feathered wings, she is the leader of the Six Gods and her known scriptures have the oldest date to them. Her most devout worshipers are often healers, and help both the rich and the poor equally. It was she who commissioned Malchor the Sculptor to create statues of the gods, so that the humans could gaze upon the gods without becoming blinded. Out of his love of Dwayna, Malchor accepted the task, and though he was successful at his work, he was rendered blind after completing Dwayna's statue, and committed a suicide out of grief when the gods departed the world.

According to Orrian scrolls, Dwayna was the first of the Six Gods to have arrived on Tyria and brought humanity to the world, hoping to turn the world into a paradise for its inhabitants. She is the mother of Grenth, the god of death, and also often depicted weeping over pain or loss.



People's Republic of China
welcome everyone to my DA .
I come from china.
love fractal art as you.
this is my web site
a fractal art web site in china.

Current Residence: China
First ,thanks to James. He is the author of OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer.
Here is the

In the new year, I want to  give a gift for my web.
so I made a tree :D

2013.1.5 A gift for by fengda2870

The tree link:
Also you can visit from the fractal icon link in  the home page Visit Fractal Tree Link by fengda2870

Happy New Year For FXYSW.COM!
Happy New Year For you!


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